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These Spurs as silent (and dangerous) as ever

“We like to fly under the radar,” guard Danny Green said the other day. “That’s our preference. Our style of play, I’m sure, even if we were at the top and had the historic numbers, just the way we are, how boring we are, how people say we’re boring, we’d still fly under the radar regardless, just how we conduct ourselves differently from most in the league … good for (the Warriors) that they had a great year, but good for us that they had a good year. It allowed us to stay focused and have a good year without all the media attention.”

Whether or not the Spurs beat the Warriors to get out of the West, or Cavs or whomever in The Finals, is not the point. The Spurs already have five rings in the last 17 years. They’re set as the gold standard in the NBA, if not all of pro sports. The wondrous thing is that they again have a chance at all, a real one, and may have lots more chances in the next few years.

With Leonard and Aldridge in place, Boris Diaw still dealing at center when the Spurs go to their version of small ball, Patty Mills coming off the bench firing (10 of 23 on 3-pointers against the Grizz), and the Big Three of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili still capable — individually, if no longer collectively — of impacting games, the Spurs are just as dangerous as they’ve ever been.

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